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The Eagle Hunters' Story

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The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

In the summer of 2023, Davina decided to leave the tamed world behind her, and set off on a quest to the High Altai region of Bayan Ulgii in Mongolia, with the aim of meeting the fabled nomadic Eagle Hunters. These images show some of how she was literally taken under the wing of the tribal elders.

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Davina Photography

Ai Muldir -
Warrior Princess 

While watching a local eagle festival, Davina became aware of a young girl in amongst the competitors, who were otherwise all male and substantially older. She sat patiently on the ground with her eagle waiting her turn. The purity of her energy caught Davina's attention, reminding her of her younger daughter. The connection was instant and intense as this child held her gaze through the lens. She has since become the national champion Eagle Hunter of 2023.

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Ai Muldir



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